Home & Hygge.

So two things have happened. One, I’ve moved back to Sheffield and into my new house with my new room and its great. Two, I have discovered the wonder and power of Hygge. If any of you are unfamiliar with the Danish concept, it’s basically taking time out of the stress of day to day life to enjoy and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. This has a lot to do with ensuring that your surroundings aren’t too cluttered or hectic but filled with things that make you feel peaceful. Although this does depend on what keeps you personally grounded and relaxed, common examples are fairy lights, candles, blankets, tea etc. After my turbulent end to the last academic year, I knew that I needed to make sure that my room was instead filled with things that calmed me down. Over the summer, I collected various pieces of homeware that I loved, trying to limit myself so that I didn’t create a cluttered space.

I moved into my room last Saturday and immediately began filling my room with the treasures I had found, and I love it. The space is very me, filled with glassware and books and the colour blue and it really does calm me down and please me to be in there. I’m someone who struggles to be alone and would find myself seeking comfort in other’s rooms because I felt more at peace there than by myself in a room that never really felt familiar. But filling this new room with things that I love, that all complement each other beautifully, is helping me to be able to have time to myself and to not always need others. Below are a few pictures of my room, showing some of the things I’ve bought to create Hygge. It’s amazing how Hygge works and how such a small thing can make such a big difference to life and state of mental well-being. It’s refreshing and I feel at fully at home, finally.





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