An alternative guide to Sheffield.

Can I just start off by saying this view is the view from my bedroom window.
So, is that enough of a reason to go?

So for the majority of my life I attend The University of Sheffield, and I bloody love it there. This time last year I packed my bags and moved 5 hours up north to a smaller, friendlier city and it can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Over the past year I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the city (and in the city, oops) and I know it will always be a special place for me. So here’s a guide to Sheffield, that may not be on Trip Advisor’s ‘Top 10 things to do here’ list but things that I love to do in this wonderful city.

Things to do:

  • Walk around Sheffield’s peace gardens and pose by the fountains.
  • Link arms with the gals in the ‘Women in Steel’ statues for a great photo op.
  • Ride in The Paternoster lift in The Arts Tower – I’m just gonna say right now its scary as hell.
  • Visit the vintage and independent shops on Division Street, and pick up some cheap vintage buys. My personal favourites are Moonko, A New Shop and Within Reason.
  • Do a street art tour of Sheffield, its makes for some quirky instagrams and really brightens up the city, link to download here:

Eat your way around:

  • The Cavendish – For great food, done well and for a great price, especially for students. Their infamous ‘bigger breakfast’ has cured a few hangovers as mine, and with free wifi and printing, its also a great place for a study session.
  • Sundaes Gelato – Ice cream, waffles, pancakes etc. If you have a sweet tooth go, just go.
  • Upshot Espresso – For a gal obsessed with hygge, instagram and all things aesthetic, this café that serves avocado toast, beetroot brownies and maybe the best iced coffee ever; is a personal fave.
  • Steam Yard – Hidden on a road off Division Street, their £3 doughnut and coffee deal is a must. And those doughnuts are literally insane. Not just chocolate or jam. No. I’m talking banoffee pie or smores.
  • Scott’s Pantry – Best till last. This place is honestly my favourite, and most reliable place to eat in Sheffield. A seemingly humble sandwich shop, that during peak food times has a queue out the doors. I’ve had their bacon brie and cranberry sandwiches, their paninis, their chicken salad sandwiches, their breakfast in a box and more. And its been honestly amazing every single time.

If there’s one thing to know about Sheffield, it’s that it supports it’s local businesses because they’re great.

Up all night:

  • Corporation – this club is grimy, cheap and brilliant. On a Wednesday everyone dresses in school uniform and people drink multicoloured pints. That’s all.
  • Theatre Delicatessen – catch a cheeky bit of fringe theatre in this very unique theatrespace.
  • The Wick at Both Ends – Lovely cheap cocktails (check their happy hour times) from ones that come on fire, to topped with candyfloss. And there are fairy lights everywhere.
  • Bloo 88 – more lovely cocktails.
  • Revolution – See above.
  • The Great Gatsby – Okay, I love cocktails.

So when checking out this great city, be sure to do all the things you’ve heard about. But for a truly unique time, to discover some of the hidden treasures of this city, tick off some of these as well.



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