My study playlist.

One rainy afternoon I decided for some reason to sort my music into playlists for different moods, events etc. The most important one and the hardest to sort out was my studying playlist because it’s taken a while to figure out the types of music I can study to and the types that I definitely can’t i.e songs that I know really well/ love to sing along to. My study playlist at the moment, as it is regularly updated when I really begin to know a song, is a mixture of instrumental or songs that I can enjoy but put into the background. They are usually quite upbeat, or at least loud, to ensure that I keep my focus and don’t drift off with the calm rhythm of the music, and I put it on shuffle to ensure that I don’t become too familiar with the order and anticipate the next song.

Study playlist (as of April 2017):

  • Don’t Kill My Vibe – Sigrid
  • Luna – Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Fire That Burns – Circa Waves
  • At The River – Groove Armada
  • Poplar St. – Glass Animals
  • Not Your Way – Misterwives
  • Celeste – Ezra Vine
  • Past Lives – BØRNS
  • Gemini – Tash Sultana
  • Eat That Up, It’s Good For You – Two Door Cinema Club
  • Stuck – Circa Waves
  • Epilogue – La La Land Soundtrack
  • She Way Out – The 1975
  • Elephant – Tame Impala

A revision/study/homework playlist has always been really important for me; as I’m someone who really struggles to focus in silence, as my imagination begins to wander and before I know it an hour has passed and I’ve written the title. Any suggestions for other songs that people use to study would be welcome as I’m always updating and editing the playlist.



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