My current skincare routine.

Ever since I started to go through puberty I have been obsessed with skincare. A weird thing I know, but also quite a good one. I loved the responsibility of taking care of my skin and was more likely to want to buy a new eye cream than a new mascara. I basically turned into a child in a sweetshop whenever I went to LUSH or Boots. My skincare routine changes frequently, although there are a few that have been constant products for a while now. So here is my current skincare routine.

Step 1: I cleanse my face with LUSH 9-5 if the morning or if it is the evening I use it both to cleanse my face and remove my makeup. But if I’m wearing heavy eye makeup I usually remove that first just with a cotton pad and micellar water. I’ve been using this product for probably about 2 years now and it is so brilliant. Not too heavy or perfumed for oily skin but still removes makeup and keeps me feeling fresh faced.
Price: £5.25 – 95g/ £9.95 – 240g (I always get the bigger one but I would get the smaller one/ ask LUSH for a sample for the first time you try it)


Step 2: I apply ORBA Goat’s Milk moisturiser all over the face and neck. I switch moisturisers probably the most out of all my products but I think this one is finally a keeper. It’s light but still hydrating and smells lovely, I’ve been using it for two weeks and will continue to do so until it runs out; not 100% sure I’ll repurchase but I’m about 90% sure I will.
Price: £12.99


Step 3: I apply Nip and Fab eye cream over the entire eye area, including a small amount on the lids, using my ring finger. I’ve been using this eye cream for about 6 months and it’s quite brightening but to be honest the biggest cure for eye bags is enough sleep…which I do not get.
Price: £9.95


Step 4: I apply LUSH’s Grease Lightning to any spots or blemishes, or sometimes to any problem areas i.e. for me, my chin. This is a great product and often speeds up the spot vanishing process, I’ve used it for 3 years on and off and haven’t found a better one.
Price: £6.50


Step 5: Finally, I apply Bio oil to any spot scars from when my Mum told me not to touch my skin when I was 13 and I just didn’t listen 🙂
Price: £4.99 (Bio oil comes in a variety of sizes but this is the smallest size as it lasts forever and I got it in Savers for a cheaper price cos it can be hella expensive)


So that’s my skincare routine, please comment any product’s that you use because I always love to try out new products.




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