Review of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script.

Heads up, haven’t given away the ending but there are definitely spoilers.

So this was it, what I’d been hoping for.

The 8th Story, 19 years later. 

After thinking Harry’s journey had ended, an 8th story was written as a play, exactly what I wanted and obviously the opportunity to see it as a play made it even better. So I rushed out as soon as I could to buy it and read it in a few hours. And even though it wasn’t exactly an equivalent to the detail packed books I know and love, it was another story, and I loved it.

Even though what everyone wanted was a continuation of the tale of The Boy Who Lived, I was glad to see that Harry’s role in the play was supporting, with the focus shifting to his 2nd child Albus Severus (still an awful name). What made this novel was Albus’ beautiful character ark. Starting as the hopeful wannabe-Harry-hope-I’m-in-Gryffindor-and-also-a-seeker, his world and reputation came crashing down when he was sorted into Slytherin. He seemed to be the only character ever who properly went through a sullen teenager phase where it didn’t seem he fit in anywhere; or that anywhere wanted him to fit in. Albus’ journey through the play is remarkable and terrible, whilst Albus is much more of a relatable character than Harry was at that age.

As a whole the novel had a great mix of action and real life and old characters and new ones. I loved the script format as it allowed the reader to open their mind and imagine the surroundings, with guidance from a few stage directions. Now that I’ve read the script I need to try to get tickets to the play in the Friday Forty, as I want to see how the cast bring this story to life. Ultimately, even if there are some small flaws and part of me was happy to leave the story at the end of The Deathly Hallows with ‘All  was well’, another part of me would journey through the Wizarding World forever and ever. Always, in fact.




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