Back for Christmas.

So I haven’t posted in a while due to actually trying to focus on schoolwork. All of my coursework was due in December and I had mock mock exams and during this time I felt like I wouldn’t get everything done:(

BUT I DID IT. Somehow. Now it’s Christmas and I am really looking forward to blogging, eating and most importantly, relaxing. I think I actually sighed with relief when I put my pen down after my last exam.

I went to Winter Wonderland with my brother and my sister. It was just as beautiful if not more than usual. After a breakfast of Churros, we began to explore the park. The larger rides were so overpriced (£19 for us to all go on one roller-coaster) so we decided to go to the Victorian funfair there and played on all of the stalls. Coconut shy, ring toss, that sort of thing. We also played duck fishing , which had been given a…2015 makeover. Olaf. It was fishing for Olafs.


My new favourite addition was The Luminaries, arches studded with fairy lights making a walkway . They were simple and beautiful and were definitely a picture perfect attraction. So of course I took  a lot of pictures. Of everything actually.


Winter Wonderland always enhances my love for Christmas and for London and I can’t wait to return next year to visit one of my favourite places for the 4th year in a row.





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