Losing my phone.

Okay so I’d like to start this post by saying I that I did not lose my phone but that it was nicked. On the tube, isn’t London just amazing. But I can’t really remember if my bag was completely shut. STILL, it’s not my fault because that still doesn’t justify someone stealing my phone. Plus someone right near me had an iPhone 6S so sucks to be them that they nicked my iPhone 4S. But sucks to be me because I am the currently the (not so) proud owner of a Sony Ericsson Experia, the best thing it can do is text and take crappy pictures. But to keep me from going insane, I did make a small list of the reasons why being a teenager in the internet age without a phone might actually be good for me.

  1. My grades have improved! I’m not even kidding, I was really scared going into A2 year that it was going to be so difficult but now that I have absolutely 0 social networks to check I am actually revising for those small tests that seem inconvenient now but you wish you studied for when it comes to the actual exam. Instead of just writing notes whilst checking my phone, I’m making flashcards and properly revising. And it is actually helping, I did the same thing last year for my AS exams by temporarily deleting my social networking apps on my phone and it actually worked.
  2. I’m talking to my friends more face to face. If something happens I need to talk to them about then I’m actually going to find them and talk to them about it. And then of course we end up talking for hours. Although I love tweeting and snapchatting my friends, sometimes I really miss talking face to face.
  3. Further Reading – If you are applying to uni or have done believe me you know the burden that is further reading. And for English and Theatre, the course I want to apply to, believe me there is a lot. But not having a phone is helping a lot. I’ve already read English Grammar, Literary Techniques and Criticisms, The Empty Space, The Woman in Black and am currently reading ‘The Jungle’ and I only lost my phone 3 weeks ago.

So if you have some studying or have to sort a uni application, then I really recommend doing this. HOWEVER, I don’t recommend getting your phone nicked because although there is a small list of positives, I struggled to get to three. It is really not worth it.



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