I used to hate it.

Let’s get things straight, ever since I can remember the very thought of cleaning, organising and sorting made me make plans and run out of the house quicker than you can say ‘Could you just…’.

But all of a sudden, over this summer actually I have found myself colour coding all of my stationary towards each subject and even went as far on picking the colours depending on how I feel about the subject (blue for Drama because my favourite subject then matches my favourite colour, English is pink because we are studying epic love stories and Philosophy is black because I have to reach into the void of my mind and do some really deep thinking. I have plastic wallets, sticky notes, pens, dividers, and spares of all of these for throughout the year. I have my own lined paper, no more ‘Erm, hey could I borrow a piece of paper please?’ in almost every lesson of almost every day, making a mental note of the people who I asked last time so I don’t ask them too often. ANOTHER THING! I used to have to use up all the energy I had in me to put my plate in the dishwasher almost 3 feet away from me. And now, if I’m home alone I think ‘Well you know I might as well fold this washing or empty the dishwasher, thats one less thing to do’.


What has happened to me??? Have I overnight turned into a crazy person with their life actually kind of in order as it can be? Even though this change is probably for the better, I kind of miss this girl who didn’t fret about the small things and was so chilled and just was happy to cross out her work instead of writing it again. I thought this might be me growing up and being responsible but I still get into the same stupid situations and embarrass myself as usual so that’s all still normal. It’s more of just the realisation that if I have colour coded folders then I’m more likely to bring the right stuff to the right lesson and do better in the lessons and get good grades. Or that if I do the dishwasher then my mum won’t have to do it when she gets home from work. It’s like a wake up call and it all seems kind of simple now, that if my life is in order and things are where and as they should be then it will make me and other people happier. It’s the small little things that impact the big things which really matter. And for some reason which I am unaware of I have only JUST managed to figure this out!



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