Kingsland Road – O2 Academy Islington.

After loving them on their X-factor debut in 2012, I was really excited to see Kingsland Road on their tour. After going to wahacas for dinner, there are so many great restaurants nearby, I made my way over with my friend to the venue. I wasn’t sure about O2 academy Islington having never been but when I entered I quickly realised it was the perfect venue. They had been moved to a slightly smaller venue, still the O2 academy but much more intimate. It was a small bar type room with no more than 150 people in it. 

First up was The Brittz who drew the crowd in with a much louder and more upbeat version of 5SOS’s understated ‘Voodoo Doll’. They were really impressive and managed to guide the whole crowd from the ‘before-the-concert-awkwardly-standing-there’ to screaming and shouting the lyrics in full concert mode. 

Then all the band equipment was removed and on came Only Avenue who looked quite small on stage with just him and his guitar. But he still filled the whole room with noise and also performed the best version of ‘A Thousand Miles’ I’ve ever heard. Quite different to the one we all know (and let’s be honest love) from white chicks. 

Then probably the most excitable band of all was The Last Carnival. They were definitely the rock band of the evening. Their songs were filled with guitar and drum solos and improvised screams from the lead singer. But I couldn’t really focus on their music because I was way too busy laughing at the lead guitarist. He kept sticking out his tongue, jumping up and down and spinning round on the spot in between solos. He was more like a puppy chasing it’s tail than a rock guitarist.

Then was the girl band Vanquish who were good but somewhat boring after the previous band. The crowd almost dispersed and went to the toilet or got a drink. They were good background music for that through. 

Then came Kingsland Road, having released their first album ‘We are the Young’ not that long before the tour, I didn’t have long to learn all the songs but I had done my best. They were brilliant. They danced, harmonised and most of all engaged with their audience. Talking after every song as if the audience were their best friends, high fiving at every opportunity (especially Matt) and you could clearly tell they were enjoying themselves and that they loved performing for the audience. In my opinion the best songs performed were Dirty Dancer, which was earlier released as an EP so everyone knew it well, Girl with no name and He’s got it coming. They are definitely only going to get bigger and better, I can’t wait for another album and another tour so I can see them again!  And soon please guys!



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