In-Flight Essentials.

Let me first be clear that this is for a shorter flight. That’s why there isn’t anything like blankets or neck pillows, just a few things that make a short flight that bit nicer.

1. A book – it makes the time pass so much quicker and can be done while listening to music or not. And to be honest who doesn’t love a good book. Mine has all those markers because it’s the book I’m studying in class –  The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (£6.99)

2. Notebook and pen – Firstly how cute is the design on mine. Whether it’s for writing, doodling, making lists, whatever.

3. Hand sanitiser – For those airport bathrooms. Ew.

4. Eye roll on – There is nothing nicer than rolling this under your eyes on a flight. When your eyes get all dry, this is pretty much like putting two cucumber slices on your eyes. That’s probably much harder to bring on a plane though. You could use the eye roll on by Simple (£5.49) but the one I have is a cheaper alternative from Pure (£1.00).

5. My lips always get chapped so this is more of a life essential for me but they are always super chapped on the plane. Mine is a Original Carmex.

All of these essentials are perfect to go in your carry on bag. Make sure to put any containing liquid in a plastic bag beforehand or at the airport.



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